I bought new…


Sorry my post is not as interesting as Tim’s.  For some reason he always comes across as being so prim and proper in his posts, while I’m the other spectrum.

Yes, I ventured out today after work, picked up Delton’s pictures and thought, “I really could use some underwear.” So, I stopped by Vicky’s and bought some. They sure had some ugly colors though. I went mostly with the dark and neutral colors, but (not a pun) I got one flashy pair that only my pants will see. Unless I let them hang out the top of my pants, like some girls with not so attractive bodies do at work. Enough about the underwear.

I’m going to try and post something each day this week. I know I have kept you all in suspense of new exciting things in our lives and this was one I had to let you know about (lol). It probably will be in the paper tomorrow, watch for it.


2 thoughts on “I bought new…

  1. Yeah for new undies! I am sure Tim will be happy that you did get one flashy pair. 😉 After losing 40 pounds…I am sure you deserved new undies! Can’t wait to hear what else you have for us this week.

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