As Promised

Well I promised you all I would try and post everyday.

I had my observation today and I think it went well.  My kids were crazy today and of course I had to choose classroom management as a focus area this time around – what was I thinking?   I now have to wait until next Tuesday for my post-observation due to days off for Easter.

Julia had another milestone today.   She slept on a mat at school, only 35 minutes.  They start this transition for the 1 year old room.  I wish she had slept longer, 35 minutes is nothing!

Well off to the lesson plans.  Oh, just remembered I forgot to check my student from Millersville lesson plans – oops.


2 thoughts on “As Promised

  1. Adi also sleeps on a mat at school. It is amazing b/c I can’t imagine her sleeping on one at home and not getting up. But she also doesn’t sleep very well there. On Monday she took one, one hour nap. Then she is cranky at night.
    Adi doesn’t move to the next room until about 14 or 15 months.

    Well hope everything went well w/ your observation. Take care.

  2. Wow! A mat- I can’t even imagine that! I understand their reasoning…but seems so early. Riley won’t have to do a mat until at least 2 and then she won’t move him to it unless I request it or she needs to crib for smaller ones.

    Oh- glad your observation is over, I’m sure it went well!

    Hey- where are the underwear pictures and posts?

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