I want coffee…

Well I have 2 more days until Easter.  That means 2 more days without coffee.  I have my coffee plans all rooted out for Sunday morning.  We are going to make sure we leave early for church because we will be stopping at my mostest mostest favorite spot in the world.  DUNKIN DONUTS!!!!!

This past few days have been the hardest for me throughout the whole Lenten season.

I have off tomorrow and Monday and I can’t wait.  I’m going to send the kiddos to school tomorrow.  I have an online module that I’m taking right now, and have not started it.  So, I’m going to get some sleep after Tim takes them over then get down to work.  I also want to stop by Toys R Us tomorrow.  They are having a buy one get one free sale on Fisher Price items.  I want to see if we can get anything for Julia’s birthday.  Can you believe that she will 1 year old in 12 days.


4 thoughts on “I want coffee…

  1. Dunkin Donuts coffee is the best. Thou usually it makes my belly hurt later which means no lunch. So I always get a donut too…I figure I can spare the calories!
    Enjoy ur days off!

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