I left you down.

Well I have left you down. My goal this week was to post every day, but I just couldn’t get the time to do so, sorry Pam.


HAPPY EASTER from the Brixii !!!!!

Here is a story for you, and leave it up to Delton. We were actually on time for church this morning and marveled at the music that was playing and how many people are there actually on time (we always are 5-10 minutes late) and how do they do that. So, we usually miss the beginning of the service every week. You know the silent part before the pastor blesses you and forgives all your sins. So, picture us sitting in the second last pew and the service is about to begin. The music stops and everyone turns to face the baptismal font and you hear, “HA HA HA” (Just as you read it – not true laughter, but just saying the words very loud and evil sounding). Well that was our son, yes, the loud one in the back who made everyone in the whole entire church laugh, except me. I cringed and turned a wonderful shade of red. Well the pastor played upon Delton’s out burst of Ha Ha’s and said, “Ha Ha Ha, yes indeed” and went on with her rejoicing of Easter.

Here are are a few pictures for you.

Thought I would stick this one in. My head looks huge for some reason and I just thought it was funny. HA HA HA I laugh at my big head. Tim says my neck looks very long and thin. I’m not a giraffe, you know! I think I also look a little old. Just a little note – my dress that I have on was BD (Before Delton and it zips – I’m at 40.2 pounds down, but not after eating all that candy today) 😦


Here is a picture of our children. I think we are raising some book worms. They each got a new book from the Easter Bunny.


Delton looking all spiffy. This was his first time wearing a tie. He actually kept it on all day and didn’t want to take it off, but of course he never wanted to put it on. Lately I have found out that reverse psychology is working wonders. If I want him to do something, I just tell him not to do it. I should have though of this months ago.


I wanted to show everyone’s Julia’s pig tails from yesterday. She looked so cute. Do you like her outfit? I love it, Tim isn’t a big fan.


3 thoughts on “I left you down.

  1. How was that first cup of coffee? Just glorious, I bet! Did you hear singing and rejoicing as you took the first sip?? 😉

    That was a funny story about D….if it helps any, our church did a musical in place of a service, A kept yelling- When is Jesus going to die? I think I have gone astray in raising her!

    Your family looks just beautiful! I love seeing pictures of them and can’t wait for Julia’s party so I can see them (and you) in persin!


  2. I was surprised too that u didnt’ mention coffee?? Please tell me u had some!
    Everyone looks great! I LOVE that outfit u had Julia in. You can’t pull leopard print off all ur life so she should do it while she can!
    You look great too! Congrats!

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