You got an A+

One of my little girls said to me today,

“Mrs. Brixius you are getting straighter and taller!!”

Thank goodness she said that I wasn’t getting lumpier, I guess I’ll have to give her all 4’s (our A’s) for the 3rd marking period.  I hope she was referring to getting thinner.  I guess I won’t ask because she probably has answer I don’t want to hear.


2 thoughts on “You got an A+

  1. How cool! I love when kids notice stuff – good stuff I mean. I hate when they tell me I look bad. My kid just spilled her milk all over the floor, herself, the dishwasher…..guess I need to go clean that up and get her dry clothes. Wouldn’t it just be easier to use sippy cups until they move out on their own? (she has been using a real cup forever….she just wasn’t being careful)

  2. straighter has to be a good thing. Has to be! Claim it and ask no questions!!!

    You are really looking great! I’m so excited for you!

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