Hey, remember us?

Status = busy. What else is new? Leish, Julia and I have colds for one. I need to blow my nose right now, but I’ve decided to just breathe through my mouth because the living room tissue box is empty, and rather than run to the basement for a new one, I will just wait until the dryer goes off in order to conserve energy.

Had a great weekend. Saturday, my mom watched Julia while the rest of us traveled to Shippensburg to see my cousin play the role of Stepmother in the musical Cinderella. We don’t often get to hang with that side of the family, so it was nice in spite of the long (but scenic…past Gettysburg, anyway) drive and Delton’s tantrums. As the curtain opened, he could be heard to say, “But I don’t want to see the show,” over and over. So, I dragged him to the last row, and he pretty much sat and watched the whole thing. He was disappointed by Lucifer’s absence and the change of names for the stepsisters.

Sunday, the Easter season concluded with dinner and an egg hunt at Brenda and Dale’s house. Brenda stuck little notes or coupons in some of the eggs. Aleisha’s favorite: “Good for one weekend at Ana & Pop-Pop’s house.” Amen. Delton discovered the utility of peeing outdoors at their house.

Before returning home, we dropped in on a Lehr “family night” at my great-aunt and great-uncle’s house. While exploring the ponds on their large wooded property, Delton informs me that he has to pee again. No problem. However, a few minutes later, he begins to do the “poopy dance.” Problem, as the closest toilet is a short walk uphill. I won’t go into details about the rest, but let’s just say that, thanks to some careful angling and a couple of dead leaves, he avoided messing his pants. Problem solved.


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