Well, it’s official

A few years back, I applied for a position at the Center for History and New Media at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia. They were looking for web developers to work on their various sites related to collecting and presenting historical content online. It seemed a perfect blend of my design and web skills and my interest in history. My lack of real coding experience prevented them from hiring me that time.

A similar position opened up in February, and I threw my hat in the ring again. This time, I scored an interview, but decided I wouldn’t tell anyone until I had heard one way or another. Well, it’s official.

We’re moving to Virginia. Fortunately, I don’t have to start until June, so we have some time to wrap things up here, including Aleisha’s school year. Fairfax County is known for their good schools and a shortage of teachers, so Leish should be able to find a job easily.

More details to come!


While I did apply for a position at George Mason years ago, the rest of this post was made up. Part of me still thinks that would be a really cool place to live and work. But the cost of living there boggles my mind, and we do like being relatively close to our families in PA, especially now that we have kids.


8 thoughts on “Well, it’s official

  1. Congratulations, wish you all the luck. Boy, I am going to really miss you guys, I guess, no more weekly visits to see my lovely little ones. I got to get a web cam. Love you.

  2. WHAT??? I wanted you to move closer to me, not farther! I’m happy for you, but sad you will be so far…..You will have to keep your blog update more often now!

  3. Okay- I totally JUST realized that you have a history of April Fools jokes and this is just a joke….right? Cuz I already cried to Gary that you and Leish are moving and I will never see you all again…..then I hoped it was just a joke…..

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  5. Dear Tim,

    Based upon your blog posting, we have accepted your resignation from your employment with Franklin and Marshall. Accordingly, your position with the College will terminate effective April 15, 2008.

    It was a pleasure to work with you here at the College. Your contributions to the school and the community were highly valuable. We wish you the best of luck with all of your future endeavors.


    Human Resources

  6. Thank goodness that was a joke! In hindsight….it was funny! Of course, I wish I would have realized it was a joke before 😉

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