Happy Birthday Julia!!

Can you believe our baby is 1 year old today?

Julia loving one of her babies.

I can’t believe how the time has gone by so fast. It feels just like yesterday that I was dealing with the issues of what to do with a new baby once again and trying to figure out how to be a mommy of two. I can still picture in my head, Clare (my mid-wife) holding the baby up to let me see if it was a boy or girl and how amazed I was that it was actually a girl and not a boy (which I had drilled into my head that I was having). I can still feel the pain of learning how to nurse once again. I can still hear Delton’s voice asking, “Does she bite?” and then hearing, “I love her.”

Well we have been blessed with another happy child. She is her own individual and it shows everyday. She is going to be a go getter in life and I hope she keeps being as curious and as sassy as she is. She is a child who loves to show her independence already. She is lovey and loves to give everyone hugs, especially those special, “babies” in her life. She has already shown her kind and caring side by giving hugs to other children at school and even her brother when he is having “one of his moments.”

We took her yesterday to get her one year old pictures and it was a disaster. We went to JC Pennys for their angel wing special they were having. The photographers were great, but Julia was a little overwhelmed. At first all she did was scream. After about 30 minutes she calmed down and another photographer tried some more pictures and we got some great ones. I’ll post a link to them when they are sent to my email.

Here are a few pictures of Julia through her first year. Enjoy!

Julia at birth.


Julia at 3 months.


Julia at 6 months


Julia at 9 months



3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Julia!!

  1. Happy Birthday Julia!! It is hard to believe how fast time goes! Our babies are growing up too quickly! Can’t wait to see you guys on Saturday!! Anything special Julia is in need of for her birthday?

  2. Happy Birthday Julia! I can’t believe it has been a year! Wow, our babies are not babies anymore! She is precious and amazing! Just a beautiful baby! I mean, toddler!

  3. To “conserve energy” at Tim nicely put it…I’m commenting on all 3 blogs in one!
    Your little girl is so precious. My how time must fly for u two. And very busy I’m sure. And now you are going to to undertake moving too? Congrats Tim on the new job. Good luck with the packing and unpacking…yadda yadda. I lived in VA for many years. Not a bad place to be. But you will have to come back to PA to shop for clothes because they tax their clothes down there!! Oh well!

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