I feel like a big pile of sh%#!!

I am sick      We are sick.

I sound like a squeaky mouse.  I can’t even yell at my kids the correct way, I sound like a boy going through puberty (JK about the yelling at my kids).  My throat hurts, my nose is stuffy and my ears hurt.  So, I have had this “cold” for 6 days.  Shouldn’t it be letting up?  I should go to the doctor, but I don’t have time.  I have Julia’s birthday party to get ready for.  I promise you all – I always wash my hands when I cook, so you shouldn’t get it.  I have slacked off on my exercises this week due this cold, as soon as I start I’m huffing and puffing like the Big Bad Wolf.

We took Julia to her 1 year check up.

Weight – 20 pounds 11 ounces (45%)

Height – 27 inches (20% – she continues to be short)

Head – 17 3/4 (20%)

She also had an ear infection, which I thought.  So she is on antibiotics, Omnicef (the stuff Delton is allergic to).  We finally moved her from the car carrier to a real seat.  We were set on turning her seat around, but we were advised that they have found it safer to keep them rear facing until about 18 months.  So, she continues to face the rear of the car.

Well I must clean up.


3 thoughts on “I feel like a big pile of sh%#!!

  1. Oh man! I don’t think I can keep R turned around until 18 months – the poor boy is all squished in there with bend legs.

    Sorry you are all sick. We are sick here too. A and R started it a week ago and then gave it to me. It feels like someone slammed my head with a truck. It sucks! I’m sorry you have it too!

    Can’t wait to see everyone at the party!

  2. I’m sorry to hear you’re all sick. You sounded icky at work today. I couldn’t even hear you in the bathroom. *grin*

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