Does anyone have some bandaids or boogies?

Alright – I’m frustrated.  I went bra shopping Saturday night because mine were way to big.  So, I head to Kohl’s because I have a 20% off coupon!!  Yeah.  So, I’m looking through all the bras and take my selection back to the fitting room.  2 regular bras and a sports bra.  The first one I try on is the sports bra.  I finally wiggle it over my head, since they are made so friken tight.  Look at myself in the mirror and almost die.  Where in the world went by boobs?  I’m flat as a pancake.  When did this happen?  Just because I stopped nursing it doesn’t mean they can deflate.  I then try on the regular bras, not to bad, but still bad.  I’m still flat.  I wish I could just push the fat from my bottom, up to my chest.  Enough about my chest, just what you wanted to read about.

Tim was suppose to blog about this yesterday, but he didn’t have time.  Yesterday morning Delton was laying in bed with us and kept poking at Tim’s eyes to try and open them.  He then proceeded to pick his nose and place the boogies on Tim’s eyelids.  TG he always goes on Tim’s side of the bed and not mine.  ill!!!


One thought on “Does anyone have some bandaids or boogies?

  1. that boogie story is too freaking funny! and gross! I want to go get a professional bra fitting done. Folding my flatten boobs into my bra doesn’t seem to be working, so I am seeking professional help! I think I can do it at victoria secret, but I am not really sure.

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