The Garden Plot

Lancaster’s County Park makes garden plots available for rent. For $18 we got a 20′ x 20′ piece of land from April until October. Leish figures this will be another way to get the kids outside this summer, and perhaps interest Delton in eating more vegetables.

Yesterday, as I was looking at some books about gardening, Delton started making a list of what he wants to grow by counting his fingers (a new favorite pastime): carrots, “baked” beans (which we happened to be eating at the time), green beans, peas and pumpkins.

Today, after church and an awesome fire hall Lions Club pancake brunch (including Delton’s first fire truck ride!), we finally had some free time to try and get our garden underway. Our goal was to get some fence up, turn the soil, add manure and—maybe—plant some seeds.

Well, after wasting 90 minutes picking up supplies (including a last minute trip to Wal-Mart to get cable ties, when we realized the futility of hammering staples into the already planted stakes), we got halfway through that list.

First off, we parked along the road and dragged all our stuff the 100 or so yards to our plot. Only then did we realize that most folks were driving their cars through the grass to cart things. Forgetting basic geometry (perimeter = sum of all sides; multiplying gives you the area), I bought more plastic fencing than needed. Turning the clay soil seemed much more difficult than I can recall from my past experience with a hoe (ba dum chh!) in Schuylkill County dirt. Delton liked playing with his tools, but wasn’t real keen on getting his hands dirty. Julia, on the other hand, rather enjoyed toddling about the mud, some of which almost certainly found its way into her mouth.

With the rain forecast this week, plus all the time I’ll be devoting to my paper for class, Lord knows when we’ll actually get to plant something. Fortunately, we’re looking at this primarily for the experience, so anything we manage to actually harvest will be just gravy. Mmmm…gravy.

More pics


2 thoughts on “The Garden Plot

  1. if you were looking to rent land, I have some you can pay me to garden 😉

    Your wife looks SKINNY!! She looks great. Julia seems to be having fun!

  2. that is such a great idea. sadly, my thumb is very black. i cannot keep anything growing! hopefully that won’t hold true with my child! 🙂

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