Shhhhhh, I’m thinking…

Well not really! I have been beyond busy. Where to start?

1. Garden – well we planted some seeds this weekend. I have no clue if anything will come up. I guess we need to wait and see. The cool part of planting our seeds on Saturday was the ice cream truck. We planted pole bean (green beans), yellow beans, corn, peas, onions, radishes (we don’t even like them! – someone gave us the seeds), potatoes and lettuce. We are starting pumpkin and gourd seeds at home, hopefully soon. I have to start that. We’ll have to post some more pictures of us in the garden. J – loves to eat dirt!!

2. Ice Cream Trucks – One of the many perks of living in an urban area. Back in good old PG, we don’t have ice cream trucks playing music up and down the streets. Well the ice cream truck story starts on Friday. We heard it coming down the street, but it never stops on our street – how dare they not! So, children in tote we ran down a block to buy Delton an ice cream cone, he was in heaven. Well the next day we were working in the garden and we heard the ice cream truck in the park somewhere, for those who don’t know about ice cream trucks they play music all the time. So, after listening to it for 40 minutes or more it came driving past our garden. We waved the guy down and he actually pulled into the garden plots and drove up to our garden, isn’t that service? So, we had more ice cream.

3. Our House – well we got the siding done last week on our house and new windows on the 3rd floor. He forgot to cap the area around the gutters, so he is coming back to do that. It really looks nice. We need to spruce a few more things up and I think we are going to try and sell the place. Anyone want to buy? It has a wonderful postage size backyard and a wonderful neighbor next door, who we will truly miss.

4. Asbestos Removal – Well our school is going through asbestos removal this summer because we will be starting remodeling in fall. We were informed last week that we need to take everything that belongs to us home and we need to pack up all the school districts stuff in boxes. We were informed we needed to find our own boxes and that they were no providing any. What the #$%# were they thinking. If you are requiring us to pack everything up, shouldn’t they provide boxes? Well I’m truly thinking about searching for another job now, since I do have everything packed up. I’m going to have to do it at the end of next school year for the remodeling project they will be doing. We were also informed that they wouldn’t be fixing anything up for us to come back in fall, since they will be remodeling. So, I’m wondering what kind of war zone will we be coming back to? No ceiling tiles, no flooring (except for wood), what kind of learning environment will that be?

5. Ear infection – Julia has been sick with a cold for 2 weeks now, but I’m an awful mommy. I was just going to let it go. Toddlers = colds. Well last night Julia had a temperature of 102.5. So, Tim took her to the doctor and here she has another ear infection, I think she is trying to catch up with Delton. The doctor said they were very pussy (I had a hard time writing that word, but it is the correct spelling) and blood shot. So, she is on another dose of meds. That’s what happens, when I don’t go with my instincts. I wanted to take her 2 weeks ago, but never did. I just need to stick to them. Mommy know best.

6. Scrapbooking – Yes, once again I’m going to scrapbooking retreat on Saturday. It is for a good cause, Relay for Life. I should be getting items together to make sure I have enough pictures printed, but have not had the time. I’m going to try tomorrow night – yeah right. I just remembered I never posted pictures of my last pages.


3 thoughts on “Shhhhhh, I’m thinking…

  1. wow! You have a lot going on. I have never had the pleasure of ice cream from an ice cream truck….but it sounds wonderful. Sorry to hear about J. Don’t beat yourself up over it. If you took her two weeks ago- they would have told you it was a cold and that she is fine. Those thing pop up overnight. Have fun scrapbooking.

  2. i’m proud to say i got almost all my scrapbooking pages done from our vacation. now granted they prolly aren’t the best! but it is a start!

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