School is out!!!!!

Last Thursday was our last student day. Look at the beautiful arrangement that I received from one of my families (the first and probably the last).

Roses from one of my families.

I got the following idea from my friend Pam. I have brought almost everything I own for teaching home with me due to the asbestos removal in our building this summer. The only items I kept at school were 3 carpets – I don’t have any room for them. Tim has become very upset with the amount of things I own and even asked if I needed it all. Uh, yeah. I don’t want to get rid of my 3rd and 4th grade items because you never know when you will be moved to a different grade level in our school district. I also have boxes in our storage unit.


2 thoughts on “School is out!!!!!

  1. that is a nice flower arrangement. I only got 3 gifts this year….probably because I yelled at their kids all year this year. Oh well!

  2. I bet you’re glad to be done with that mess. Now, the scary part is putting it back in the fall. I wonder what we’ll be coming back to. I’m a little worried about all that. Ya’ know?

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