Happy Father’s Day

I want to wish my dad and Tim a Happy Father’s Day.  They are the best dad’s in the world – and I mean it!

We spent the weekend with my dad up in Tioga County at his hunting cabin.  Tons of fun was had by all.  The Brixius’ household (Tim, Delton and Julia) decided they were going to get sick today, so that led to an interesting ride home.  I’ll fill you in later.  My little ones have temperatures over 100 and my big kid just doesn’t feel like himself.  Hopefully everyone feels well tomorrow.  I’ll probably be taking D and J to the doctors, especially J (throwing up too) since she has had a fever for 2 days on and off.   Wish us luck.


4 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day

  1. Aw, I hate when my munchkins get sick. Though mine aren’t much in the munchkin department anymore. ha ha.

    Hope everyone is feeling better soon.

    Email me, I finally started a blog. Bunch of mindless rambling, but it’s fun.

  2. Aw, shucks. You make me blush. Loved the presents (a diner book, chocolate bars, tie tack and kids’ books from D & J) and being at the cabin was fun. The illness I could do without. Save for maybe Delton, none of us are 100% better yet.

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