We are almost all better

Alright, I got sick, but not as bad as Tim and Julia. Lets just say that my butt saw the porcelain throne to much (aren’t you glad to know that). At least I wasn’t worshiping the porcelain throne like Tim. I took Julia to the doctor yesterday because of the fever lasting 3 days. Can you guess what she has? An ear infection. What is it with my children and ear infections. I have a feeling that Julia will be getting tubes in her ears too, just like Delton. Speaking of tubes, his are completely out (did I mention that before? Oh, well if I did).

I also need to complain about money. Why does it seem that we just can’t get ahead in life? I went to the atm today and it said that we had negative in our account. But, my quicken book said I had tons (seems like tons to me(anything over $100)) of money. We just can’t do it. Why do we make it so hard to keep our books. This summer I’m going to really work on a budget. We should be able to get ahead of the game since I’m not paying for daycare. The key phase is “WE SHOULD BE ABLE TO.” We really want to sell our place, but this makes me not want to. How will we ever be able to afford a bigger mortgage if we have such a hard time now? I have so many wishes for my children and just can’t do that for them (saving for college). I look at other teachers who are older than me and they seem to be very financially comfortable. When will it be my time? Is it possible to have the same life style as they have? Will I ever be able to buy that house in the country with a big yard (for the kids to play in and Tim to relax in a hammock) and a garage? I know I shouldn’t complain. I have a house with a roof and a wonderful family. They are healthy and beautiful. I’m just being greedy. God has given me a lot to be thankful for – and I am. I need to stop wanting, is this normal.

On another note – I walked (yes in flip-flops) down to market with the kids today. We stopped at the jumping fountains downtown for Delton and Julia to play in. They loved it. I’ll have to post pictures later tonight. Julia got a few surprise squirts under her dress. It was great being able to watch them have so much fun. We then walked back to our house. I forgot how hilly Lancaster actually is going back to our house, especially pushing 2 kids in a stroller and all our food from market. This is part of living in the city that I love. There is so much to do and you can just walk there. We will be going to a free gymboree class tomorrow. Delton was able to experience Gymboree at school and he loved it. They have a great deal for the summer (June, July and August) – 2 classes and 3 open gyms for the price of 1 class. I’m trying to get Delton to be more comfortable with his gross motor skills (he has a hard time with this, he becomes very scared to do things at time). Julia is really into music too, and they have a wonderful family music program. I know I shouldn’t spend money (maybe that is why I don’t have it) 😦


5 thoughts on “We are almost all better

  1. i hear ya about the money thing. i think we are feeling like we can’t get ahead. i worry that i may soon have to go back to work. and if i do, all money will go to child care and gas. so is it worth it? but how much farther can we stretch things? and yes, how do some people do it? will they let us onto their secret??
    glad u are able to walk to do some things. i am sure that helps out a lot!!

  2. I’m sorry you got sick, but I am glad it wasn’t too bad for you. Sorry about J’s ears. I swear kids get ear infections from nothing and for the sole purpose of driving mommy insane.

    I hear you on the money issue. I look at what G and I make and it sounds like we should be able to do it and save money. My kids won’t have a college fund either. But I will probably soon need to start a therapy fund for them.

    I like that I am not right in a city but when you talk about the Market and the fun places you can go to/walk to…..I wish I had that. I guess I want my cake and to eat it too.

    Oooh- cake- that sounds good. Wonder where I can find some…..

  3. I think everyone feels the money thing! We aren’t even going to have a mortgage for a few months and are worried if we can make ends meet. It sucks living paycheck to paycheck!

  4. Well, at least it seems we are all not alone. The problem is the price of everything continues to go up but the money you make never seems to catch up with it. Or is it that I keep spending more. I don’t really think it is possible to catch up.
    I hope Julia doesn’t have to get tubes too. I hope everyone in your family is better soon.

  5. I understand you completely with the money thing. We really want to move as well, but feel the same way you do. You are still really young, and sometimes I think the most expensvie part of starting a family, is starting a family, and honestly, you’re still starting. God provides for us…not that we get all we want, but he does provide. I don’t think wanting is a bad thing. Try this. Pray for the things that you feel you need…everyday. Over time, you’ll find that you start to amend your prayers and pretty soon what you thoought you needed was really just what you wanted and it doesn’t seem so high on the list anymore. However, if you’re still praying for the thing that you need, rest assured that He’s hearing you, and he will provide.

    There was a great song out a while ago that I loved and it really helped when Mark and I were going through some rough stuff. We were so frustrated. The song is called “He Is Not Silent” and it’s by Out of the Gray. It’s really good. I have the cd and can loan it to you. I love the whole cd.

    Wow, this wasn’t supposed to be a sermon or a book. Sorry about that. I just feel for you and know how you feel here. I don’t know, you probably already know all that I just said. But it’s what helped us.

    I loves ya Leish! *how ’bout that grammar???*

    Gymboree sounds like way fun.

    And oh, the flat tire. When idiots come to you to point out the obvious just say, “Here’s your sign.” roflmao

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