“Uh, do you know you have a flat tire? ” NO SH%&, I KNOW!

Well I took the kids to Gymboree today. Delton loved it, for some reason Julia was not herself. So, we want to check out another class to make sure it is something Delton would enjoy. Julia has been very cranky today. So, far what she has done today is cry, cry and cry. It didn’t help when she fell and hit her cheek off of a see saw. Now she has a bruise.

Coming back home I got a flat tire. So, I pulled in a gas station (the kind without a garage or mechanice) less than a mile from my house and gave AAA a call. I had about 5 guys tell me. “You, know you have a flat tire?” while waiting for AAA.

  • Uh, why don’t you offer to change it for me, stupid?
  • Uh, no I didn’t know I had a flat tire. That is why I have my big butt sitting on a curb with my 2 children sitting there too, eating gas station hot dogs in the sun. (Because I only had 5 dollars)
  • Really, I’m just a stupid blonde and had no clue what a flat tire looks like.
  • Wow, like is that what’s wrong?
  • No, I didn’t know, thanks for letting me know. I had no clue.

I could just keep going with the answers I could have said, but I won’t bore you to death.

Tim came to my rescue and took Julia back to the house to nap. I had to stay since my name is on the AAA card. So, Delton stayed with me and almost poked my eye out about 4 times with the umbrella he was playing with. He wanted to watch the mechanic . After waiting about 35 minutes a guy came up to me in a shirt and tie and asked if I needed help. I told him AAA was coming and thanked him for asking (the only one). After a 45 minute wait AAA came and changed my tire. Thank you very much Mr. Mechanic.

I’m just amazed at the world and how unhelpful it is becoming. I’m kind of scared to see how the world will be when my children have children. Enough complaining, I need to clean the kitchen.


4 thoughts on ““Uh, do you know you have a flat tire? ” NO SH%&, I KNOW!

  1. Oh no! I am so sorry! As if having a crying baby isn’t enough…a flat tire too! I can’t believe no one offered to help you (except tie guy). Something needs to change in our society….that is for sure.

  2. That’s terrible! At least you had AAA even though you probably couldn’t have changed the tire quicker yourself. So glad Tim could come rescue you from your crying baby.

  3. You are hilarious! Even though I already heard the story from you, it was still funny to reading your comments again here ;). Glad it all worked out for you. I think next time you need to hand those guys a “stupid” sign ;).

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