Uh, just drink from a sippy cup.

Julia is so stubborn at times and this is one of those times.  We are having such a hard time getting her to drink milk from a sippy cup.  She drinks water fine, but refuses to drink milk.  So, I have been refusing to give her a bottle during the day with milk in it.  I have been placing water in the bottle instead at times.  Any ideas.  I have bought like 4 different kinds of sippy cups.  Ahhhh.  D was so easy switching over to a cup, why can’t she be?


4 thoughts on “Uh, just drink from a sippy cup.

  1. because she is trying to drive mommy crazy. I think just do what you are doing. If you just refuse to give her the bottle and keep offering the sippy cup, eventually she will get it done. A few days with no much milk won’t hurt her……just stick with it. That is my only suggestion.

    Oh- well, you probably already tried this, but maybe a soft spout sippy cup that is softer like a bottle top. But I doubt that is the issue since she drinks water out of the sippy cup just fine. I think she probably just needs time to get used to the idea of milk in a cup instead of bottle.

  2. I don’t know, but with Myrena (my most stubborn one by far) we had to take the bottle away all together and only offer the cup. She did the same with the milk, it took some consistency, and about a week, but she made the switch. We just took the bottle away all together. We never had to do that with Chelsea, but Myrena is my little P.I.T.A. LOLOL

  3. Thanks for having me over at your family blog! LOVE IT HERE! As for the sippy cup, I’ve only had to deal with this issue with one kid so far. (I’m about ready to start with the second though, so all these suggestions are great). Anyways, with my first, she transitioned only after I used the Nuby soft tip sippy cups and stopped giving bottles one by one until eventually there was no more bottle! Hope this helps! 🙂

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