46 pounds down!

Yes, I’m still working at getting the pounds off. I now weigh less then I did before I got pregnant with Delton. Here are 2 pictures. One from last June and one from the end of May.


6 thoughts on “46 pounds down!

  1. Leish you are lookin’ like one hot tamale girlie!

    That’s so awesome. I’m so proud of you. You are doing great.

    I bet your jeans fall right off now without even unbuttoning them. Right? *wink wink* Maybe you’ll need to buy smaller ones now!!!! *nudge nudge* I’ll betcha those jeans are HUGE on you! *wink wink nudge nudge* *giggle*

    I loves ya Leisher! You really are doing so good and I’m so excited for you. I’m right behind you. Pretty soon I’ll be able to wear your fat pants for capris. *giggle* I couldn’t resist.

    I think I was in the sun too long this weekend. Too much fresh air and camping. Yup! That’s the problem. lol

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