Sippy cup update.

I know you all are dying to find out how the sippy cup is coming along (yeah right).  Well she hasn’t had a bottle for a week now.  I think she has accepted the cup, but it needs to be a specific sippy cup to drink milk out of.  I have to break that , but I’ll give her time.

Nothing exciting so far this week, I know I have left all my 2 readers down.  I’m trying to work on some good times, but it just isn’t happening.  My dad gets a nose job on Thursday if that sounds exciting.  Not a “nose job” , it has to do with his septum (spelling?).  So, I’ll be heading to Hershey to make sure they give him the best nose possible for his face (LOL).  While we are in Hershey we (more like Tim and the kids) are going to meet up with Pam and her kids.  Thanks Pam for entertaining my husband and kids with your kids (maybe bring G with and you can go with me to the hospital and have time to read a good book – ha).

Another exciting event is taking my car to the garage for the inspection.  Should be a fun time!  I wonder what problems they will find (you know they always do at the dealership).  I would rather not take it there, but hubby wants to.  I hate taking my car to the dealership.  I have not had good experiences with them.

Enough rambling – I’m going to find me something to eat.  I just ate 2 1/2 hours ago and I feel like I’m starving.  Probably why I’m not loosing a thing this week.  I had one bad day on Saturday and I gained 4 pounds in just one day – what the he__.  So, I’ve been working out – nothing happening.  Why does it have to be so hard?


4 thoughts on “Sippy cup update.

  1. Oh, I’m jealous that you get to hang out with Pam!! Good luck with your dad’s surgery. I have a deviated septum in my nose and have yet to let them fix it. I’m a wimp! As for eating, I’ve done awful the last few days and feel just big and sloppy. I need to get back on track! I hate that you can gain so much in one day and it takes FOREVER to lose it! It needs to be the other way around eh?

  2. I’m back on track finally. I had breakfast (cottage cheese, pineapple, and a Yoplait light fat free key lime pie yogurt *the very bestest flavor*) Probably a lean cousine for lunch. Yummo! LOL I need to start walking. I had a bad weekend and gained like five pounds. That’s crazy that I can eat some potato chips and blow up like a Macy’s Thanksgiving Pararde Balloon. Probably the Garfield one too! He’s pretty bloated up right? roflmao

    I’m cheering for you. Go Leisha! Go Leisha! Put down the (insert favorite tasty snack here that you are no doubt not allowed to eat because it tastes even remotely like something yummy and will cause you gain weight just imagining yourself eating it)! Go Leisha! Go Leisha! roflmao

    Is that helping? No? Dang!

    Loves ya girl! Hang in there! You’re lookin’ hot! When we get back in the fall no one will know who we are. We’ll be the new people at school. *giggle*

    Hope all is okay and your dad gets a good nose. Not one like say, Prince Charles or anything like that. Tell them you don’t want a Prince Charles nose on your dad. Or worse, his ears. Ack!

    Okay, enough rambling.

  3. We are looking forward to tomorrow. I’ll bring G along for reinforcements unless the supplies come in and then he will be working on our porch. You will have to come over sometime to see it- we can eat on there and watch the kids play, etc. Hope all goes well with your dad’s nose job! ha ha ha

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