Knoebel’s 2008

We decided to take a camping trip with some friends and their families to Knoebel’s Amusement Park and Campground. So, we headed out Sunday morning for our trip. We stopped in PG to drop the dog off with Tim’s mom and met our friends The Trimble’s (and their 2 children (ages 1 and 3)). We had lunch at my dad’s house and then hit the road. We got there and while unloading our other friends, The Beck’s (and their 2.5 children (ages 2-4 and one on the way)) got there. While setting up the tents the skies started to look a little dark and then we heard the distant rumble of thunder (which became the theme of our trip). So, we rushed like crazy trying to set up all our tents then it started storming. We just finished our tent, but the Beck’s were still working on their tent, so we carried a canopy and placed it above their tent. We herded 5 children in our tent (we had the mansion) and everyone ran for cover. We were stuck in our tents for about 40 minutes and then it cleared. We then attempted to make a fire and had dinner. After dinner we decided to head over to the park so the kiddies could ride a few rides. While at the park another storm rolled in and we were stuck. The park then started to close down so we had to dash through raindrops with children and try to make it to the shuttle to get back to our tents. So, our evening ended up being wet and we all went to bed around 10 (no adult time around the fire 😦 )

6 the next morning we were awakened by Jacob (The Trimble’s have early risers, just incase anyone ever goes on trips with them 🙂 Everyone found out that I’m not really a morning person and I love to sleep, but didn’t get to. We had breakfast and had time to waste, since the park only opened at 11:00. Around 11 we shuffled our way over to the park: strollers, wagons and kids. After getting the kids their ride bracelets and us some tickets we had a great day. It was great to see everyone having such a wonderful time.

We headed back to camp for dinner around 5, since the Trimble’s were leaving that night. We didn’t have much luck with our fire, but it finally started after placing about 2 gallons of fire starter on it (JK). We had some yummy S’mores and said goodbye to the Trimble’s. We (the Beck’s and us) were about to head back to the park for some evening ride fun, but were informed that a bad storm was coming. So, we raced all around placing things in cars so they wouldn’t get wet like the night before and then just sat there. Then the storm came! So, we all headed to our tents and retired early once again.

Other than the rain we had a great time. Take a look at some of our pictures.

Knobel’s 2008


4 thoughts on “Knoebel’s 2008

  1. Sorry about all the rain, but it sounds and looks like you had a great time! Very cute pictures! I loved the one of you in the ball pit with your baby! So cute! You look FANTASTIC!

  2. OMgosh, I loved the pictures! Julia’s little squishy face she makes cracks me up!

    Sounds like a fun (wet) camping trip. I’d have felt all guilty camping with you all. We so don’t rough it, at all!

    Do you all camp often? We go to this great place in North Umberland called Splash Magic. It’s fantastic. They have so much stuff to do. It’s really fun!

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