Our Baby is 15 months old

Yesterday Julia was 15 months old. We took these pictures yesterday of her. They are hilarious. In the first set of pictures in her pink dress, check out her shoes (Cinderella). She has a major shoe fetish, which is a bad thing to have this young. I can just see us shopping at 15 for shoes – oh, my. The second batch of photos are from her eating meatballs last night. She reminds me of an ape. She keeps making this unatractive faces a lot lately. Tim and I crack up every time she makes them. She is very expressive facially and verbally lately. She is constantly jibbering. She now says the following words: bamama (banana), bubble, mom mom, dada, Delton (data) and many others. I can’t believe how she is growing up.

Looking good in those Cinderella shoes!

WOW! What a mess


4 thoughts on “Our Baby is 15 months old

  1. I love her little shoes. A girl after my own heart. Hee hee hee. I hope she has a big closet in her room! LOL

    I love the meatball pictures! Those are priceless!

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