One Step Closer…

Today we were preapproved for a mortgage. We have been wanting to move for the past year, but never have done anything about it. So, I went yesterday with kids in tote and a file folder full of goodies and did it. Now, I just need to get Tim to get our place put on the market. Wish us luck.

Delton’s dream home is a yellow house (I wouldn’t mind a yellow house if it wasn’t bright yellow, like a butter yellow). He has been talking about getting a new house a lot lately. Yesterday, he asked my cousin (15) if she was going to move to a new house. He then proceeded to tell her that we were going to trade with our friends the Beck’s and Trimble’s. They were going to live in our house and we were going to live in there house’s.


4 thoughts on “One Step Closer…

  1. Yay! What did you have to do? I want to do that and get preapproved. We are wanting to move too!

    But you know you can’t move schools unless you take your assistant with you. *wink*

    Delton cracks me up!

    A yellow house would be good, as long as it isn’t the color of the lines on the street. LOL

  2. You go girl!!! Maybe you will have to let Delton have the last decision, when you find something close to what your family wants, since he is in charge of the color scheme. Good luck!!!!

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