Picture Tag!

Jen (private blog) tagged me. After reading her post I was kind of scared to do this picture tag, since my house is a mess. Don’t mind the mess, this is what you get with 2 children. Maybe I’ll tag you, so beware.


1. Dream Vacation…. My dream vacation would have to be Hawaii. I would love to go there one day! Our goal was to go on our 10th anniversary, probably won’t happen though. We decided to take the kids to Disney World instead. I guess that happens when you have kids.

Since I had to use photo’s, I took a picture of an image from my computer. Doesn’t it look like a relaxing place to be?

2. Self Portrait…

BOO!!! Scared yah! Not a very great self portrait. I kind of looked bugged eyed. Look at those bags under my eyes. No make-up for me, I go make-up less in the summer, since I wear it all school year. Also, note the crooked smile. You would think I thought I was Elvis. No, I just smile like that all the time.

3. What the kids are doing right now… Well, while I’m posting they are fighting, trying to get my attention. But, when I took the pictures this morning this what they were doing.

Here is Delton trying to figure out how the popping thing works.

Here is Julia at breakfast.

4. Closet.. We don’t have many closets in our house, since it is 100+ years old. What we have are very small. Here are two pictures of my closet (Tim has his own, and it is much neater). As some of you know, neatness doesn’t always matter.

This is the top part.

and the messy bottom – don’t mind the shoes all over the place

5. Favorite Room…My bedroom would be my favorite room. If I could have took a picture of me sleeping in my bed. I love to sleep and sleep and sleep, but I don’t get a lot of it. I also just find the room very relaxing because it is a soft blue.

Don’t mind the clothing on the bed, it needs to go in my over stuffed closet. As you can see by the books under the bed and on the table, we like to read (Tim basically needs to, since he is working on his masters – I’m done (ha ha)). I would love a new head board. Ours came with the bed – it was cheap. It was our first bed we ever bought.

6. Favorite Shoes… If you truly know me -you know I don’t like shoes at all. I would rather walk around bare footed all the time if I could. My favorite right now are my black Target flip-flops for $2.50.

Do you like my toes? They need to be painted. Hey I have a flip-flop tan! Why don’t the rest of my legs get a tan?
7. Laundry Room… Jen – you think your laundry room is a dungeon, check this one out.

I think we need to paint our walls. Yes, we have our washer and dryer on pallets. They needed to be elevated to be able to be connected. I’m very embarrassed by this picture

8. Bathroom… This room is small and smaller.

Do you like the cracker tin? There is candy in there for when Delton does #2 on the potty. Kind of gross, but we need to reward him asap (after washing hands of course). Nice Kotex box too. Hmmmm, I wonder why that’s there?

As you can see I didn’t clean anything before taking pictures, as you can see by the sink and the cupboard open above the toilet.

9. Sink…You all want to see my kitchen sink.

Nice piece of food in the sink on the right. Do you think we have enough cleaning tools?

10. Fridge… It looks full, but there isn’t anything really in it.

Look at all the wonderful tupperware (earned it all!!!). I think we have to many condiments.

Wow I’m done. Now, I need to tag.

1. Renee (new to the blogging world)

2. Pam ( I know you need to do this, so now you HAVE to!!!)

3. Amy (Hasn’t posted anything on her blog since April – now she can do this)

4. Erin (Have fun!!)

5. Dolores (Brand new mommy!)

If I missed you sorry – anyone can do it! Make sure you let me know.


4 thoughts on “Picture Tag!

  1. YAY! Thanks for playing along!! I loved the self portrait, but the commentary on it was even better. You’re a crack up! I wish I looked that flippin’ good without makeup! My hubby was all surprised I did the self portrait. I was like, “it’s part of the rules, yadda yadda yadda” Then he’s like, “could you smile more cheese like? Then he acts like he’s me and says, ‘wanna see all my gums?!?'” FOR RUDE! I’m like, you’re an a double s hole!! Looks like we both do laundry in dungeons too eh?

  2. that was fun. I will do it……soon……just not sure exactly when. Thanks for the tag. Can’t wait to see you all tomorrow!

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