15 month check up

Everything went well at Julia’s 15 month check up. Iron was good (low last time), so they told me to stop giving her the vitamins with iron. I then asked, what if the vitamins with iron are what are keeping her iron levels good. They said I could request a retest at her 18 month appointment. I might just do that to make sure the vitamins weren’t doing the job. The doctor was very surprised on how vocal she is – she likes to talk, just like me ( 🙂

I’m starting to get a kick out of her. She knows what you are talking about exactly, but can’t say anything. So, I have been asking her yes and no questions and her head nods like crazy when she wants something. Her and I had a little fight this morning doing the hair thing – I won, with a fountain on top of her head.

Her 15 month stats:

weight: 21 pounds 15 ounces (35%)

height: 29 7/8 (35%)

head: 17 3/4 (30%)

So as you all can see, we are still on the small side. The doctor said that at 18 months if we double her height, it can predict how tall she will be as an adult. I hope she can get over that 5 foot mark!


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