The kids and I went to the store today to put a care package together for my cousin who is at church camp this week.  So, we are walking in and talking about what we will get her – candy of course – and Delton says,

“I’m a good candy picker outer”

While sitting at lunch Tim and Delton were talking about eating .  If you know my son he only likes crunchy carrots.  Tim asked Delton, “Is there a food you don’t eat?”  Deltons says.

“Mushy Carrots – of course!”

Oh, my he has so many each day, but I can’t ever remember them.

Delton is doing a pretty good job at swimming lessons.  He doesn’t like to get splashed (doesn’t he know you get wet while swimming?).  Today his teacher took him and his friend, Jacob, and put them under water.  They both cried.  She apologized later to me and I said that it was fine.  She asked if she could do it again – and I said that it was fine with me.  It’s the only way he is going to get use to it.  I have pictures to share, but they are on the camera and as I stated on my other blog, I’m to lazy to do it.  It’s just one of those days!


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