A 3 year nut shell…

This morning Delton was laying in bed with me and wanted to know the meaning of the following words:

1. Delton: Mommy, what does guard mean?

Mommy: It means to watch and make sure something doesn’t happen to something

2. Delton: Mommy, what does jealous mean?

Mommy: It’s when you want something someone else has, but you can’t have it

3. Delton: Mommy, what does soldier mean?

Mommy: A soldier is someone who protects other people so they won’t get hurt.

I hope I gave him the correct 3 year old definitions. Where does he come up with this stuff.

I have been working very hard setting up for VBS. I’m in charge this year and it is driving me nuts!!!! So, I asked one of my friends daughters to tag along with me to church and play with the kids, while I did some VBS stuff. While getting out of the car this is Delton’s conversation with a soon to be 9th grader.

” Do you know Jesus died on the cross? He went to Heaven and we don’t know when he will come back. That’s the reason for the holiday, Easter, did you know that? There were some bad men who didn’t like Jesus so they took him and hung him on the cross.”

I guess he is absorbing more than we think while we are at church. That is the season of Easter in a 3 year old nut shell. He never mentioned the Easter bunny once. I thought chocolate bunnies were the reason for the season – I”M JUST JOKING!!!!


3 thoughts on “A 3 year nut shell…

  1. I think 3 is a fabulous age! I just love the stuff that comes out of their mouths- I had so many stories of Ashlyn at 3 saying crack up stuff like this. I am so glad you are writing it all down so you can remember it always! Good luck with VBS!

    I’m ready for a play date again– when are you free?

  2. LOL! You make me laugh with the chocolate bunnies! ha ha ha! I love the things that come out of their mouths. SO CUTE and you realize they truly are absorbing MOST of what is around them and being taught. Kya turns 3 next week and she’s cracking me up more and more everyday!

  3. Chelsea LOVES Delton and Julia. She got the biggest kick out of the questions he asked her. Thanks for letting her do that with you! She had a blast!

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