What a weekend

Friday: Tim and I had the chance to go on a date, but didn’t know what to do. We went to eat at my favorite restaurant (El Serrano). I had an adult beverage and it was oh, soooooo good. After that we went shopping for a few things and then ended up at Barnes and Noble for dessert (I had a few bites) and coffee ( I had a lot of sips).

Saturday: Julia woke up with a temperature (102) and has had a cold for 2 weeks. So, I decided to take her to the doctors to get her ears checked (no fever – of course when we get there – I really think something is wrong with those ear thermometers, they always say she has no temp). Doctor took a look and she said that Julia’s was starting to get an ear infection. BINGO! So, omnicef it is. I then headed out for some errands for VBS (I’m in charge this year – yuck!). So, get everything on my list and have to head to the church for 6:00 pm – of course I’m running late. Get there and find out that the backdrops (borrowed from my school) don’t fit in the room where we were going to have VBS. So, head to the bigger room – fit. I got home after 10 and then had to do some more work until 2 am.

Sunday (my Saturday and Sunday kind of run together): Julia wakes up at 4:30ish with a fever at 104. Yikes. Give her Tylenol and some cold water, throws it up. So, we are getting a bath at 5:30 in the morning. Delton is up at 7:00. Wonderful hubby takes him and Julia down stairs and lets me sleep until 8. Went to church and after the service, continue to set up for VBS (opening night tonight). There until 1ish (and I AM HUNGRY!!!!). Get home, do more things for VBS. Head back to church for 4:30. VBS is finally ready to start and it went pretty well. I hate talking in front of large groups (give me 5 year olds and I’m fine, just don’t throw the adults in there). Get home at 8:20ish. Put kids to bed, eat dinner around 9ish (that’s healthy). Sit on ass and breath a big sigh…..

PHEW, What a weekend.

Mother-in-law comes tomorrow until Thursday to help out a bit since I’m in charge of VBS and Tim has class and Delton has swim lessons. I feel like such a frazzled chicken some days (most days).


6 thoughts on “What a weekend

  1. wow! You are BUSY!! I hope J is feeling better and the rest of the week is at least a little less stressful for you. You are so brave to take on VBS.

  2. Holey Moley! You need a whole crew of people to keep up with you! I’m tired just reading all of this.

    How’s J feeling now? Better I hope.

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