The Nerve!!!

As many of you know we live in the city, so parking is hard to come by. We are very lucky to have a parking lot behind our house for the Theological seminary. It has been great having this parking lot here. In the past they have allowed us to park there when classes were not in session and evenings (as long as we were off the lot before classes started).

When Tim was going back to work after lunch he called me and told me to look out Delton’s window. Here they put up a gate. So, they are not allowing us to park there anymore. Can you believe that? I’m so upset! Yes – I know it’s there parking lot, but come on. Where is the compassion? Where is the Christian part of sharing or helping (mother with 2 small children, caring bags and 100 other things) others? It’s not like we take advantage of the parking lot and leave trash all over it. We take care of it, we pick up trash (that’s not ours), we remove some of the snow – since they plow it right into our yard and up against our fence. I’m just in shock with what is going on.

So, if they decide to leave the gate down all the time, we might have to become unchristian like too (I know 2 wrongs don’t make a right – but when it comes to  parking, you just need to). We might just have to see if there lot is on our land. Then I’m going to claim my area of parking lot and nowtallow anyone to park on it (HA HA – evil laugh), even if it’s only 4 inches – it’s mine and you can’t park on it. I guess I’m just going over the edge a little bit -but, you just don’t know until you have lived in the city!


2 thoughts on “The Nerve!!!

  1. I don’t think you are over-reacting at all. If you have always allowed you to do this, then they should at least inform you if they changed this. Not just put up a gate. And…..I have tried parking on the street to visit you- there isn’t any parking on the street and you will never get near your house since there are no open spaces. I would be annoyed too!

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