Brief embarrassment

Had a great weekend at the cabin, which we’ll recap later with pix. Just had to share a story from the morning that we left.

Since Chloe would be spending some time at a doggie day care while we were at Penn’s Cave, I decided to trim her nails. So, first thing after getting up, I take Chloe out on our back porch.

While I’m standing, hunched over Chloe’s back with clippers in hand, I hear our back gate open. An old woman is standing in the back parking lot with her two yip-yip dogs. She noticed a stray pit bull in the neighborhood and wanted to make sure it wasn’t ours.

The thing is, for some reason, Chloe hates these two dogs. She barks like crazy whenever she sees or hears them walking. One night, when I had her off-leash after her walk around the block, we ran into this woman, and she nearly fainted when Chloe started to run down her dogs, who acted all tough, as if they didn’t know better than to back down from a pit bull. (Sorry to all you small dog owners out there, but seriously, your dogs need to realize that their bark is worse than their bite.)

Anyway, this old woman must have forgotten all this when she decided to barge into my back yard at 7 a.m. while Chloe is loose and without a collar. The whole time she was trying to talk to me, we’re both straining to keep our dogs from attacking.

Fortunately, her visit only lasted about 30 seconds. Wonder what she thought of the fact that I was only wearing my square-cut black boxer briefs?


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