Dang I’m old

Alright, I felt it in my bones today.  I was up in the attic working on filing items that haven’t been filed for about 6 months (yes – that is an awful long time to let something go).  After sitting on the floor in the criss cross apple sauce position (old school:  Indian Style – can you tell I’m a teacher) for an hour and a half.  I got up and could hardly walk.  If anyone saw me hobbling to go down the stairs they would have thought I had 2 hip replacements and 2 knee replacements all done at the same time.  The steps helped though.  Make note:  Need to stretch before filing bills and receipts.


3 thoughts on “Dang I’m old

  1. OH agh! Filing!

    And double agh! criss cross applesauce for any length of time is a nightmare. *grin*

    yes, I can tell you’re a teacher. lolol

    Did you get all your filing done? Now you won’t have to do it again for a while. And don’t worry, mine goes that long also. Every time I let it get piled up like that I say, “Never again! I”m going to file at least once a month.” Right! Uh huh!

    Take care of you! You’ll need a cane before long. lol

  2. Man, that is SO ME! The stiffness after sitting like that after only a few minutes is enough to kill me. Oh and the filing. . . why’d you have to remind me of all mine stacked up needing to be sorted. Ugh. I feel a project coming on and it’s not gonna be pretty!

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