My little girl

I was painting my nails today and J wanted hers done too.  So, I painted them, check them out.  She is truly a girly girl.

J checking out her new piggies!

Wow – nice nails J!


5 thoughts on “My little girl

  1. That is so funny b/c I painted Adi’s toe nails on Friday too for the first time. She didn’t very well for the first 4 toes and then I had to fight w/ her to finish or else she would be walking about w/ 4 paitned toes.

  2. That is the cutest thing ever. My daughter is 3 and I have yet to paint her nails. I really need to allow her to be more girly. I just need to head to the store and get some polish and do it. I wish I was more girly and had the stuff on hand. I long to be girly, but don’t know where to begin to look all cute. SIGH!

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