Ghost Crab Hunting

Tonight we went ghost crab hunting, but had no luck finding any ghost crabs. While making our way back to the parking lot, my God-daughter said she saw a shooting star. I really didn’t believe her. While driving back to the beach house. Delton and Hayley starting talking about what shooting stars are and what Hayley saw.
Here is the rest of the conversation:
Delton: My mom doesn’t believe you, Hayley.
Me: Delton – stop.
Delton: Sometimes I don’t believe mommy either.

End of conversation. I was practically rolling on the car floor.

We make our way home tomorrow. Hope we have a safe and uneventful trip. Julia was sick today, which was not fun (throwing up). Also, my friends little boy who is a year older than Julia (they were here this week) was also sick. But, they were on there way home, so they had to deal with it in a car – which, stinks.


3 thoughts on “Ghost Crab Hunting

  1. Delton cracks me up! I miss that age! Ashlyn is funny and still says things sometimes, but not as often.

    Glad the week has been going well but sorry to hear J is sick. Hope she is better for the trip home!

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