It wasn’t that cold!

Since it’s back to school for Aleisha and the kids next week, we decided to squeeze in a trip to Dutch Wonderland. It was our first time there (as parents) and we were a little underwhelmed.

Aleisha got off on the wrong foot when she was forced to park as far as physically possible from the entrance, in spite of seeing several closer spots.

And we expected mid-week to be less crowded, but apparently many others in the tri-state area had the same idea. We heard several people comment that it had never been so crowded. It’s one thing to wait 30 minutes for a spectacular roller coaster. Quite another when all you’re waiting for is a dinky boat ride.

Fortunately, around 5 o’clock, with the crowds thinning and the blazing, afternoon heat giving way to cool, evening breezes, we really enjoyed the last few hours.

We decided to check out Duke’s Lagoon around 7. We got into suits and soon realized there was a reason that so few people were now splashing around in the kids’ water play area. It was COLD. I managed to get Delton down his first couple of water slides (he’s not a fan of any water near his face), but it wasn’t long before he and Julia were shivering.

I took Delton into the men’s changing area, which was now crowded with everyone getting ready for the park closing. I got Delton dressed and tried to make him sit still while I changed. But he was over-tired, which always makes him really vocal and fidgety. So, he starts poking me, saying “I’m gonna poke your…” and naming various body parts. As I change my shorts, I turn to the side to evade his jabbing finger, blocking his view. Just then he blurts out:

I’m gonna poke your…Daddy, where’s your penis?

Bottom line on Dutch Wonderland is that it would be fun to have a season pass to make use of Duke’s Lagoon, which is pretty cool, and drop by during the less-crowded evenings.


4 thoughts on “It wasn’t that cold!

  1. okay…..haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahaha…..i’m sorry…..haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahaha…it’s just that….hahahahahahahahahahhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…that kid says the funniest stuff….oooooooooooooooooooooooooo….my face hurts from laughing….

    Thanks for the laugh!

    We went once when the kids were little, and never went back. But, my kids are older and sooooo wouldn’t enjoy it.

    Now you need a sitter so you two can go to a real amusement park. lol

    Take care,

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