Off to school

So, I sent my babies to school(what we call day care – doesn’t it sound nicer) yesterday.

Julia started in the todd 1 room and basically cried almost the whole morning.  I felt like my heart was being torn out when I walked out the door.  She became really attached to this green fuzzy squishy ball like thing.  We even brought it home with us and took it back today – with an extra baby to snuggle throughout the day.  We went to Target after I picked them up and bought her 2 pairs of shoes to make her feel better (just kidding about making her feel better, but I did buy her shoes)

Delton started preschool, but didn’t want to go.  He was glued to my side for awhile, then started to play with the others.  Overall he did a great job and I promised to take him out for, “warm hot chocolate” (what he calls hot choclate) after school.

Today went a little better and hopefully that continues.

Tomorrow we have meeting all day and Thursday too.  I hope I made the right choice, when I changed jobs.  I’m just worried and nervous – I guess.


2 thoughts on “Off to school

  1. I hope things get easier and your kids adjust quickly. Ashton went to kindergarten today and loved it. It so hard to believe how quickly they grow up.
    I hope you are enjoying your new job.

  2. I hope things got easier and everyone adjusted more as the week went on. I’m sure you made the right call with the new job. Considering I broke down and cried today because I can’t do all my mommy jobs and teacher jobs- you made the right choice!

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