Who took Nemo?

My post tonight will be written ADHD style.

Alright we have or should I say had a little Nemo for our car atenna, but he is missing.  I don’t know if he fell off or some mean person took him.  I hope it was the first one.  Thank goodness Delton hasn’t noticed, he will be so bummed.

Today was my first day of my new job.  I feel so out of place because I don’t know anyone, even though I’m in the same district.  I felt so out of place hopefully that gets better.

Delton and Julia are doing better with getting dropped off at school.  Delton is actaully starting to enjoy it.  Julia has cried every morning, but not as much.

Here is a little Delton funny for you:

Delton has been loving to hear the story of Noah’s Ark.  So, we (mostly Tim) has read this story over and over again.  A few weeks ago he was standing in the bathroom getting ready for a bath and he started yelling out the window, ” My mom is wicked.  She hits people, she kicks people, she says bad things to them!”  This is quote on quote from the book.  Thank goodness it wasn’t to loud and no one heard him.

Another Delton funny:

Two weeks ago we went to Lowe’s to get a few things.  I decided to get little shades for the light in our dinning room to try and focus the light on the table, instead of on the ceiling.  The shades I found cost $6 dollars each, I needed 5 ($30).  So, I took a look at the lights and found a light for $39, which I really liked.  So, Tim and I decided to get it.  Boy did Delton throw a fit.  He started crying and rolling on the ground because he didn’t want a new light.  He wanted the old one (he didn’t take a nap that day – as you can tel).  So we are making our way to the check-out and he continues to cry and tries to push the light off the cart.  Finally I just took him out to the car and let Tim buy the light.  Last night, my dad and I put the light up (Tim went to Trivia with his brother and some friends).  I was a great helper holding up the flashlight and talking up a storm  (yes – ask my dad I love to talk non-stop at times).  So, we have our new light up and I really like it.  It goes so much better with my decor.  Delton noticed it tonight and he started smiling and said, ” I really like our new light!”  Can you say Jekyll and Hyde?

Enough of this ADHD writing.  I’m going to get ready for bed – 🙂


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