Off we go again…

Well, we are off to Tioga County, once again (do you want to come Pam?).

My first week as a literacy coach was not very exciting.  I sat in meetings and just ran around like a crazy person getting things for my teachers.  I’m still hoping I did the right thing.  I’m getting some vibes from some of the teachers that they just don’t want me there or that they don’t need coaching.  Oh, well I need to think how to get past that and get to them.  I’m going to my first day care center Tuesday (my old employer).  Should be exciting.

Well hubby is home, so off we go.

2 thoughts on “Off we go again…

  1. No thanks- I will skip this trip 😉 Hope you have a great weekend. Don’t stress the teachers who don’t think they need you. Do the best you can with them and focus on those who really want your help. I still say- in terms of your family- this was a great move. No lesson plans to write when you take a sick day, no report cards and conferences, etc. Hang in there- it will get better and it will get easier. Good luck on Tuesday!!

  2. I deal with teachers like that all the time! They’ll come to realize that you really are going to help them and the students, and then they’ll be ok with it. It’s something new and they just have to get used to it! Trust me….it’ll get better! Have a great trip!

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