Do I look old and I want out of the city… and did I make the right choice?

Nice title!  Just to warn you I’m in one of those moods.  My head hurts and I’m as grumpy as an elephant without a trunk (ha ha).

Do I look old

Yesterday I went to Wal-mart (fabric at a good price), hate going their otherwise (I’m more of a Target girl).  While in the fabric area, my dad came with Julia.  Well as soon as Julia saw me, she wanted to sit in my cart.  So, I placed her in.  While walking around and looking the sales woman comes up to me and says, “Is this your granddaughter?”  What are you smoking?!  I wanted to yell.  Do I look like I could be a grandmother.  I know my hip and knee hurt at times (and I feel like a grandmother), but I didn’t think I looked like a grandmother.  I usually get the compliment of how young I look.  I guess my weekend away in Tioga made me look 25 years older.  And the funny thing was, she was just talking about how she was going to be a grandmother.

I want out

I want out of the city for the following reasons.  I’m starting to loose my cool with some people around here.  So, watch the news.  You might see about an old looking 30 year old who went crazy and took out her whole street.  So, here are my reasons.

  1. I’m tired of smelling the neighbors smoke coming into my house.  I can’t stand that I have to close my doors and windows when they light up.  Don’t they get the message, every time they light up my door slams shut and windows close.  Don’t they hear me complain rather loudly about their toxic fumes coming into my house and the damage they are causing to my children.
  2. College students.  I know I was one, but do they have to be so loud on a Monday night at 12:30 am?
  3. Someone stole my plant off of my porch.  I have had my plants on the front porch for 7 fricken years during the summer and no one has bothered them, until this weekend.  I’m ready to go and search houses.  I bet reason #2 did it.
  4. Parking – due to reason #2.  They take every spot in the world up.

Did I make the right choice?

I’m still doubting my choice of switching jobs.  Today was the first student day back and I was bored out of my mind.  I wanted to help so bad, but every time I went to help, they asked me to stop.  I just don’t get it.  Whenever I had an extra hand in the classroom I loved it!  I wasn’t able to get work done because my supervisor and others were in my office using my computer, so I basically read about some of the tests I need to perform.  I know you all keep telling me it takes time, but how much?


5 thoughts on “Do I look old and I want out of the city… and did I make the right choice?

  1. No- you don’t look old! You look fabulous.

    Tell D I saw a red (brick) house for sale….want to come check it out? You can get out of the city then 😉

    I still say you made the right choice. I would love to know I don’t need to do lessons, conferences, have to run around before/after school like crazy, don’t need a sub for sick kids, etc. Give it time- I feel much better this week about my job. So I am sure you will feel better soon too!

  2. OMG! That sales lady needs glasses. Geez!

    I totally hear you on wanting out of the city. I think we should buy some land in the mountains and start a commune where people don’t smoke or steal plants and there is no need for parking because there will be no cars. Yup! We need to do it. We could also start our own school where there are 2 aides to every teacher and we FINGERPAINT because its (say it with me) FUN!


    I feel better.

    I miss you!!!!!!!!!!!
    Are they hiring where u are? We need to talk. Seriously!!!!

  3. Wow, I can’t believe someone would ask you if J was your granddaughter?

    I can’t believe the other teachers don’t want help in their classroom. Are they a bit controlling? How rude! Well I hope things get better!

    We need to get together soon!

  4. Uh. . . crap! I’m in trouble! If that lady thought you were a grandmother, I must have died 10 years ago! You look fabulous and she’s smokin’ crack!

    I’m sorry about all the chaos that is around you in they city! I would be upset at the smoke thing as well.

    As for the college students, I totally agree. I wonder how many people I ticked off when I was in college. . .

    Hope you have a fabulous week!

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