Literacy Coach Job Description

  • Collect caterpillars
  • Collect milkweed
  • Set up caterpillar homes
  • Make life cycle chart with Science Standards (always have to have them – you know we couldn’t live without them)
  • Ride the Bus in the PM to deliver the kids
  • Deliver Kids to parents from the bus
  • Clean up vomit (no janitor on duty until 3 – vomitted at 9.  Sprinkle dust, let dry, sweep then vacuum)
  • Drive around visiting day cares that I service
  • Answer the phone
  • Answer the door
  • Deliver Lunches (get milk on my dry clean only skirt)
  • Hand out name tags that are colored coded for the bus
  • Laugh
  • Make a few funnies (alright many)
  • Show my dark side to supervisor (which she loves)
  • Set up everyone’s computer to print at the center
  • Man the door in the morning
  • Let parents and students in
  • Stand like a woman in charge – arms crossed, supporting drooping chest
  • Use my super sniffing abilities to find the child who pooped their pants – find him in less than a minute (world record)

Yes, these are a few things that I have done this past week in my new postion.  I’m kind of bored, but love not having to bring the work home to do at night.  We will see how next week goes.


3 thoughts on “Literacy Coach Job Description

  1. if you are bored, I will trade with you for a bit- I have brough work home every night and worked each weekend night too and I am still not caught up. I would loved to be bored now. In all honestly, I’m sorry you are bored but I am glad that it is going okay at least. I’m sure as the school year gets rolling you will be busier.

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