Happy 30th Birthday – Hon!

Well today Tim is 30 years old.  I wanted to wish him a Happy 30th Birthday!!!  We didn’t do anything real special today, but on Sunday we are having a bash (he just doesn’t know who is coming, but he knows it’s happening).  We are going to a Lancaster Barnstormers games to celebrate.  He just doesn’t know what is in store for him.

Delton bought him (yes – I should say I bought)  a great big supply of candy for his daddy’s birthday.  If you know Tim, he loves candy.

Here is a picture of the birthday boy and 30 things that I love about him.

1.  He is a wonderful father

2.  He is a wonderful husband

3.  He makes me smile

4.  He has beautiful eyes

5.  He has great hair (even though it’s starting to be more grey then red)

6.  He has a cute smile

7.  He is loving

8.  He is caring

9.  He is easy going

10.  He is kind

11.  He is sometimes nerdy (sorry hon – but I do love it)

12.  He is very smart

13.  He is supportive

14.  He is patient

15.  He is gentle

16.  He cleans

17.  He does the wash

18.  He does the dishes

19.  He is a great son

20.  He is a great grandson

21.  He is easy going

22.  He cooks

23.  He works hard

24.  He likes to play with the kids

25.  He knows how to fix the computer when it doesn’t work

26.  That when I forget something at home that I need for work, he drops it off at work without complaining

27.  He know how to make me laugh, even though I’m having a rough day

28.  His cologne (I love the smell of it)

29.  He goes grocery shopping with the family -even though he spends 30 minutes in the cereal aisle

30.  He’s still a kid at heart

There are many more.  Thanks Tim for being the most wonderful father and husband in the world.  I’m the luckiest woman in the world.  You take care of me and you treat me like a princess.  I’m grateful for you.



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