Three surprises!

Aleisha got me! Not once, not twice, but three times! Last night, we made plans to go out with a our friend Justin who is crashing with us while he attends some F&M alumni board meetings. I assumed this meal would include the kids, but Aleisha hired a babysitter, making our night out at El Serrano a little more relaxing.

Then, just after our meals arrived, some guy walks up to our table, and I do a double-take. It’s my friend Simon, who drove all the way from New York in his ZipCar. We hadn’t seen him since last year, so it was great catching up.

This morning, while Leish was “scrapbooking,” the rest of us saundered down to Market with a detour to our neighborhood bookstore. I had no clue that Aleisha was really spending the day prepping for my surprise party. I totally fell for the ruse that we were attending an award banquet for my mother-in-law.

I had a great time celebrating with everyone. Aleisha suggested that folks get me 30 of something as a gift, and everyone certainly seemed clued into the fact that I enjoy candy. I mean, I don’t think I’ve ever seen that many Whatchamacallit bars (also born in 1978) in one place!

Somehow, Aleisha managed to squeeze in time to create a slideshow and book, both of which reminded me again how blessed I am to have such a thoughtful, loving wife. Thanks to her, and everyone else who contributed, 30 rocks!


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