My Eyes

For about 3 weeks now I have been having issues with my eyes.  They are RED RED RED.  So, I went to the eye doctor and she asked why I thought they were red?  I thought I scratched one area of my eye.  She then went on to tell me my eyes were rejecting my contacts and that I could no longer where contacts.  Well, the baby that I am, started crying.  She was taken back and asked why I was upset and tried to calm me down to say that I look beautiful with my glasses and I should worry.  I tried to explain her that I can’t stand wearing my glasses, I can’t see the best, I trip, I’m cluzy, I’m all foggy, I get headaches, my eyes are more tired.  The list could go on.  She then changed her mind and told me that I had to take them out for a week and place drops that she perscribed.  I lasted about 5 days with only glasses and couldn’t take it.  I put my contact back in and took them out as soon as I got home from work.  Went to get my eyes checked and she said they looked good, that my eyes were very tired and she didn’t know why.  My eye was doing well for a few days and all of the sudden the red came back again.  So, took the contacts out again and started wearing the dreaded glasses.  I then started to think about what I have done differently.  THE CONTACT SOLUTION!!!  I changed my contact solution about a month ago.  I went with a cheaper brand.  I was able to get 3 bottles for the price of 1.  So – yeah I’m going to try it.  So, I threw my contacts away, bought my old solution and started wearing them.  Hopefully that was the SOLUTION (nice pun).


2 thoughts on “My Eyes

  1. i would have cried too if my doc told me i couldn’t wear contacts anymore! i had eye issues about 2 years ago and had to wear glasses for awhile and i hated it.
    u should ask ur eye doctor if they have any solution samples. mine always gives me a boat load.

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