18 month check up and Delton’s ears

Julia went for her 18 month checkup.

Here are her stats:

Weight:  23 pounds 14 ounces (40%)

Height:  31 inches (30%)

Head:  18 inches (25%) – still small, but cute.

I have read if you double a child’s height at 18 months it can help predict how tall they will be as an adult.  At this point Julia would be shorter than me, about 5 foot 2.  Poor girl.  I don’t know how true this is, but I guess we will see.

They also looked at her ears and said there is fulid on them, but it is clear, which means no infection, thank goodness.  So, why does she keep getting up?  Tim has a theory that she is cold.  I guess we need to start training her all over again.  She got 3 shots in total today – Hep A, tetnus and flu.  She did not like it all.  She was crying before they were given.  Last time she didn’t even flinch.

We were up last night with both of them.  Delton was crying for about an hour saying his ear hurt.  So, I made an appointment to make sure he was alright and didn’t have an ear infection, since his tubes came out this summer.  The doctor said his ear drums look good.  The ear that was bothering him has the tube at the end of the ear canal ready to fall out.  She said that it has a big ball of wax and it might have been uncomfortable for him.  She tried to get it out, but had no luck getting it out all the way.  I’m just curious at what it would look like (I’m gross like that).  Maybe I should become a doctor,  Delton also got his flu vacination – through a mist in his nose.  He didn’t want to get it done and held his hand over his nose for 15 minutes while we were waiting for the nurse to come back and give him and Julia there vacinations.


3 thoughts on “18 month check up and Delton’s ears

  1. Oh man! I’m sorry you’ve been up with your kiddos. I’m in the same boat, mostly with Brennon. Couldn’t figure out what was up. . . turns out, it’s a cold/cough (hopefully not like the one your hubby has/had) and he’s teething again! NOT FUN! Kya’s now sick as well. Here’s to lovely (sense the sarcasm) sleepless nights. UGH!

  2. Sorry the kids are not cooperating right now. Riley was up last night too and all I could think of was “I can’t wait for these tubes so we can sleep again!” I’m such a good mom, not thinking of my child’s healthy- but my sleep. Hopefully everyone is feeling better soon!

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