What a fun night.

Yes, we are still here.  We have had a busy week once again.

Tonight we joined some friends from good old Pine Grove to see Mickey and Minnie’s Magical Journey on Ice at the Soveriegn Center.  Thanks for inviting us Katie and Junior!

Delton sat with his ears covered for the first 45 minutes becuase the music was loud, but finally stopped.  Julia just had fun bouncing around to the music.  It was great seeing their faces light up when they were watching the show.  I felt like bad parents becuase we didn’t buy our children anything while we were there.  I wasn’t going to pay 6 bucks for a popcorn.  I cold buy 2 1/2 boxes at that price at the grocery store and pop it myself.  But, we got them a free bag with a flower pot, seeds and some information on nose spray for children.  They were happy with that.  We got a lot of good pictures.  I’ll post them later.


4 thoughts on “What a fun night.

  1. LOL! Nose spray info! It’s funny as kids are just happy w/ about most anything! I refused to buy anything at Disney on Ice as well. The prices are outrageous! Can’t wait to see your pictures!!

  2. We are taking the kids to see Disney on Ice in Nov. We don’t buy them anything either because it is too expensive. The experience is why we are there and for now they are okay with that.

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