You would think…

that Delton would love to go to an observatory.  Last night F&M had there observatory open for the public.  So, Tim and I decided that I was going to take Delton over to see the great night sky.  We walked into the building, into a room with no roof and see 2 huge telescopes pointing to the beautiful sky.  They were focused on the planet Jupitar, double stars and a globular cluster.  Delton took the time to look in one telescope and saw the double stars.  After waiting awhile in line to see the globular cluster Delton says to me, “Mommy, I’d rather read about the planets then actually see them.”  Yes, that is what he said, word for word.  What are you thinking?  I was at awe seeing these awesome wonders in the sky and I was really excited to see Jupitar, but never got to see it.  How funny to hear that coming from a 3 12 year old.  Knock, Knock – how old are you?


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