A Theif and pciture day

We have a little blonde theif in our house.  Delton came in our bedroom this morning with his sneakers and wanted to show us something.  He placed a chain link from school in his shoe so he could bring it home.  I was floored – my child took something!  This is what I said,  “Delton, shame on you.  Daddy hand me the phone I’m calling the police.”  Well I didn’t call – you know that.  So, we had a long talk about how bad it is to steal.  We made him take it back this morning and apologize.  I hope this was the first and last time.

Picture Day!

Today was picture day at my center.  Remember I work with 3 and 4 year olds.  Well most of them looked so cute in their picture clothing (our students were uniforms in our district).  But two things have me wondering.

1.  Who would dye their 4 year old’s daughter’s hair?

2.  Who would place white eyeliner and eyeshadow on their 4 year old and let them wear a pair of earings that say, “sexy”.

What were the parents thinking when they did this to their daughters.  They are little girls they need to look like little girls not young woman!


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