In The Beginning…

On Saturday, Aleisha’s mom invited Delton to see In The Beginning, a show about the Creation and Adam and Eve, at Sight and Sound with a group from her church. Neither Aleisha or I were planning to go, but a seat opened up at the last minute, and I tagged along with Julia. (By this point, Aleisha already had other plans, so she had to miss it.)

Show started at 1 p.m., and we pulled into the parking lot at 12:25 p.m. That’s right, I, for once, am there EARLY…with two kids…ALONE. I’d never been to Sight and Sound, but it was pretty much as I pictured it…large and biblical. As we walked to the entrance, Delton wanted to pretend it was the prince’s castle from Beauty and the Beast (the soundtrack of which has been playing non-stop in our car and may soon disappear).

Brenda and her group show up with only minutes to grab the tickets and find our seats. We were in the last row in the balcony, which, prior experience has told me, is where you want to be with an antsy toddler anyway. I won’t embarrass my mother-in-law by telling you how she got stuck jumping over seats in the dark to get to our row.

Delton and Julia were mesmerized from the first minute. An IMAX-size screen portrayed moments from the Creation with the booming voice of God in surround sound. There were angels on Heelys, fog machines on full blast, live birds, planets dropping from the ceiling (did they really only come on day 4?). I kept getting distracted by the fact that the angels didn’t appear to have arms (only wings) and God was portrayed as Jesus, not Old Testament style. But I must admit to being pretty impressed with the Garden of Eden scenery unfurled across three large stages, filled with trees, flowers, animals, waterfalls, mountains, etc.

In one scene, after singing a song about naming the animals, God shows Adam (who is not naked BTW, but adorned in the clothes of His Glory…i.e. just enough material to keep this PG) two brontosaurs. Later, two velociraptors run across a darkened stage as Adam and Eve are forced to leave the Garden. I turn to Delton and say, “You know that dinosaurs and people never lived together, right?” He looks at me and says, “Dad, they’re just pretending.” True, but then, near the end, there was some spiel about how all of this took place 6000 years ago, and I couldn’t help but wonder how many members of the audience actually believe that.

Delton took it all in, right up through the banishment and Cain and Abel stories of the second half. He took a particular interest in the fall of Lucifer from golden angel to Satan and the moment when Cain beats Abel to death in his fields. God will have some expalining to do if his show turns my son into a serial killer.

Not having had a nap, Julia got ants in her pants somewhere around the partaking of the forbidden fruit. I wound up chasing her around the lobby until intermission, and she fell asleep during the second act.

All in all a pretty neat experience, and I look forward to taking them (and Aleisha) to see another show.

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