I did a really stupid thing today while cooking dinner.  I placed my hand on a hot ceramic burner.  I thought I was going to go right through the roof.  So, the ball of my hand (where the fingers meet your hand and you bend the hand when you wave) is very sore and has blisters and it’s on the hand that I write with.

So, I got the job I posted about before and tomorrow I need to meet the partners and that will probably mean shaking hands!!!!!!!!!  I guess I need to just suck up the pain and just do it.  OUCH!!!!!!!

4 days until we go to Myrtle Beach!  Can’t wait!

Showing the house tomorrow to my colleague!  Cross those fingers and hope it works out for us.


3 thoughts on “Ouch!

  1. Ouch!! I wish I was going to Myrtle Beach. That is my favorite place to go. How long are you going for? Good luck w/ your house. I hope everything works out!

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