Myrtle Beach

We are finally here!

We left at 8:45 am and got to Myrtle Beach around 11 pm.  We made a few stops on the way.  First we stopped in Virginia for lunch at Chick Fil A (I LOVE THAT PLACE WE NEED ONE AT HOME).  We left the kids play for awhile.  Then we got on the rode again.  We stopped for gas around 3:30 and got stuck in a rain storm, so we stayed in the convenience store until it passed (they had cool things for the kids to look at, like a hippo, mountain lion, etc).  When we pulled in the gas station the price was 2.07 (not to bad).  While Tim was pumping gas the priced changed to 2.04.  Of course we had to pay the 2.07 price (we would have only saved 30 some cents, but it’s just the point).

We then stopped at a friends house in Raleigh, NC and spent a few hours.  Thanks Bobbi and Jeff for having us over.  It was great seeing them and the kids really enjoyed playing with their children.  We had dinner (yummy lasagna) and just hung out for a bit.  Then we hit the road once again.

We took the long route from Raleigh.  Don’t ever go down route 40 to 17.  It takes like a hundred years.  We need to remember to try 95 instead next time.

We are trying to decide what we want to do while we are here.


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