Open mouth, insert foot… – not mine though

I had the opportunity to talk to another mommy this week, who is expecting her 2nd child and I haven’t seen in years, so we were catching up.  She went on to start bashing working mommies to a working mommy (blush, blush).  She stated that children who go to daycare aren’t as happy as children who stay at home with their mommies.  I just kept nodding my head and smiling and then she asked if I agreed since my children are at home with me?  Here she thought I was a stay at home mom (nothing wrong with that – if you can do it – by all means do it, we can’t afford it) , the last time she talked to me I was at home, on family leave.  I told her that I disagreed with that since my children do go to daycare.  She then went on to state that she thought my children stayed at home with me because they are so happy and her friend who sends her child to daycare is so miserable (maybe she has a grumpy child).  I guess she can flush her theory down the toilet.

I feel my children have every opportunity as a child who stays at home with their mommies (at times more opportunities, like cooperation with others).  I think with both of us working it makes every minute we spend with our children more precious and special and we savior each moment.  When we come home from work our children are our main focus until they go to bed, then we do all the work around the house when they are asleep (that is why we are in bed after 11:30 every night, even nights when I have to be at work at 6:30).  I love my children as much as any mommy who has the opportunity to stay at home.  Don’t judge me because I choose to work, but I have a great job that allows me to spend several weeks throughout the winter and the summer with my kids.  I’m proud to be a working mom, a strong mom and a mommy who is in the teaching profession.  I feel that working with children has taught me many things about how to deal with my children and it has helped me become a good mommy. I feel that I measure up to any mom out there – anyone want to challenge me?

So, open mouth and insert foot!


4 thoughts on “Open mouth, insert foot… – not mine though

  1. Wow! You restrained yourself while they went on like that- I would not have been able to do that. And- heck no- I don’t want to challenge you- you would kick my sorry mommy butt in any mommy competition! Thanks for sticking up for working moms though- some of us just don’t have the option to stay home. I prefer to think I am abusing my children if I don’t have money for food or to heat the house… I go to work. Great post!!

  2. I cannot believe anyone would say such a thing!! I would never criticize anyone for working or staying home. It is what you can afford or handle. And kids will be happy as long as they have happy loving parents. Which you can be either working or not! Hey, sometimes I am not the most happy parent and I am at home!
    I hope that girl eats her foot for a long time..

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