Bring on the tubes!

I took Julia to the doctor on Wednesday because she still is waking up in the middle of the night since her last ear infection at the beginning of November.  The only reason she usually wakes up in the middle of the night is when she has an ear infection.  I took her and the doctor said there was fluid on her ears, but it was clear.  No sign of infection, she said that the pressure was probably bothering her (uh, tubes release that pressure for the poor little one).  Well it must have turned into an infection as soon as we walked out the door.  We have had 2 nights of getting up 4-5 times, which is beyond unusual and it’s taking a tole on mommy and daddy.  This morning I told Tim that we should take her to the doctor becuase I think her ears are bothering her, he disagreed with me.  But, we still took her.  Good thing we did, yes boys and girls, Dr. Aleisha was right once again (I’m great at sniffing out an ear infection -it’s in the eyes people!).  We had a different doctor this time and he took one look at her and said, without even looking in her ears – the eyes gave it away, she probably has an ear infection.  He was right.  So, he is writing her perscription for Augmentin (which Delton is allergic to, hopefully she isn’t – first time on it), I brought up the subject of her getting tubes.  He looked through her file and said that he thought that was a good idea.  He said that since she continued to get infections in the summer and has had fluid on her ears for the past 2 months, it would be the best choice.  I almost rejoiced and got on my knees!!

Tubes worked so well for Delton and I’m a total supporter of tubes for children who have ear infection after ear infection, why should they be in pain and not be able to hear as clearly as they should.  I’m going to call on Monday and see if we can get an appointment and get the procedure done during the Christmas break, so we don’t have to miss any days of work.  We were amazed how fast Delton recovered after getting his and how well he did with them (how much more vocal and clearer he talked – even though he was above average already).  We hope the same is true for Julia, the only bad thing is, I don’t like seeing them take my baby away to put them to sleep.  It breaks my heart.  We’ll keep you updated.  Here’s to a night of sleep – hopefully!


2 thoughts on “Bring on the tubes!

  1. I thank my lucky stars that N hasn’t had any ear issues yet…but I’m sure I’m due for one at least once in his young years.
    Hope they get her in soon!!

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